SoulCalibur VI producer Okubo talks about incorporating guest characters like Geralt into the game

By on June 15, 2018 at 9:00 am
SoulCalibur VI Geralt of Rivia showcase featured image

As E3 2018 has drawn to a close, we got to see one more interview with the SoulCalibur VI producer, Motohiro Okubo. Interviewed by a Bandai Namco employee, Okubo talks about why the game is positioned around the first SoulCalibur in the timeline, and about the intention behind the Reversal Edge mechanic.

The most interesting tidbit perhaps is when Okubo goes into adding guest characters into the game. He mentions CD Projekt RED’s extremely detailed approach to animating Geralt, making sure that all his animations are in-line with The Witcher lore and video game. Everything — from Geralt’s swings to the angles on his elbows and wrists — is drafted with purpose. Some may not realize that Okubo is also the producer behind Tekken 7, so he’s obviously aware of other guest characters like Geese and Noctis who made it into the other Bandai Namco fighter. In another SoulCalibur interview, Okubo mentioned that Geralt is already “on the disc,” and he did not discount the possibility of adding more guest characters (the game will have a season pass).

Check out the interview above — and for more footage, take a look at how SoulCalibur VI runs on 4K PC graphics.

Source: SoulCalibur (Twitter)

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