Sakura could have remained a schoolgirl: Capcom shows off her concept art for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on June 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition represents the first time the Sakura is no longer represented as a schoolgirl (at least as a default, she does still have her Nostalgia costume). However, that almost wasn’t the case; as the new concept art that Capcom has released shows, some of Sakura’s early concepts for the game did still have her in her iconic sailor-style uniform.

As can be seen from the concept art shown on the CFN Portal, some of Sakura’s early designs had her in variations of her classic schoolgirl outfit. This included a long sleeved, navy blue colored “winter” variation, as well as other variation with her carrying various sorts of additional gear, culminating in the “chasing after Ryu” version with a jacket and large glasses.

Aside from the schoolgirl outfits, some of the other concept art had her on various sorts of training gear. Meanwhile, others played with her doing various jobs, these included a more traditional looking outfit for a job delivering bento boxes, an outfit as a mountain-climbing guide, as well as a motion capture suit for a job as a mo-cap actor. Of course, these all led to her final design (working in an arcade), though even that had a few variations, including one with stockings.

You can see all of these in the gallery below, or on the CFN Portal.

Source: CFN Portal

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