NVIDIA shows off exclusive 4K high-fidelity footage of SoulCalibur VI on PC

By on June 14, 2018 at 9:00 am

Here’s something for those “PC Master Race” folks. As you probably have heard, SoulCalibur VI will be the first one to appear on PC. Check out this exclusive footage from NVIDIA GeForce to see how gorgeous the game runs in smooth 4K.

The clip showcases the latest build of the game, with all the previously announced characters. Siegfried and Taki are up first, and we get a great look at their Critical Edge attacks in action. Geralt faces Maxi in another new stage. Up next, Kilik fights Grøh, and Sophitia tackles Ivy. The footage is rounded out by Nightmare vs. Zasalamel and Xianghua vs. Yoshimitsu. Sadly, it feels a bit like these are player vs. CPU matches, so don’t expect high-level gameplay — instead, ogle the high-fidelity graphics.

Don’t forget to check out some more Yoshimitsu gameplay as well as the newly revealed SoulCalibur VI story trailer featuring one of the key single-player modes of the game.

Source: NVIDIA GeForce

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