SoulCalibur VI story mode screenshots show Astaroth and tease storyline

By on June 13, 2018 at 10:00 am

More and more secrets from SoulCalibur VI have been getting revealed, over time. With a newer build, improved UI, and gameplay footage of new characters like Geralt, we’ve learned a lot about the upcoming Stage of History. And lore aficionados can get their fill as well, thanks to a batch of revealing screenshots teasing many plot points of the game.

The SoulCalibur VI story trailer kicked things off, teasing a mix of game-engine rendered cutscenes and rich illustrations with dialogue between characters. We see some new characters show up, such as Xianglian, who is Xianghua’s sister and is very relevant to Story Mode. Notably, one of the screenshots with Maxi features Astaroth in the background; we’re rather expecting the big axe-wielder to show up, but this is definitely additional evidence that he will probably be announced soon.

Other than that, we see lots of Kilik — getting assaulted by Grøh, as well as Nightmare tempting him. Kilik has been stated to be the protagonist, so we’re going to see lots of his internal turmoil with his tainted, demonic side. Also notable is the screenshot with Xianghua wielding Soul Calibur, the counterpoint to the game’s evil sword, Soul Edge. There’s also a screenshot showing the timeline, which is a good indication of how the story mode might actually play out in practice.

Enjoy the gallery below, and make sure to tune in to the E3 SoulCalibur VI showcase.

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Source: Gematsu

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