Check out Arcade Shock’s photos of the next generation HORI Real Arcade Pro at E3 2018

By on June 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Aside from new games, E3 also has a number of peripheral manufacturers showing off their new stuff. One company at the show floor is HORI, who is displaying a prototype for their next generation Real Arcade Pro stick. We have already seen some images thanks to MarkMan on social media; Arcade Shock is also at E3 2018 and has taken some more photos of this new HORI RAP, showcasing just how different it is from the current designs.

The current Real Arcade Pro designs haven’t really changed for some time now, dating from the RAP3 and RAP.N from the previous console generation. For this next generation RAP, HORI is adding in features that newer arcade sticks from their competitors have been including — such as an opening top panel, and an easily-replaceable top panel cover.

Interestingly enough, the top cover opens on the side opposite from the player side — similar to the VLX series, but different from competing arcade sticks. As on the VLX, this much more closely mimics how control panels on actual arcade cabinets usually open.

On top of these, the prototype on display features full LED lighting on the case, as well as the buttons and lever. Whether this will remain on the production version (especially the latter) remains to be seen, however!

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Source: Arcade Shock (Facebook)

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