For Honor’s upcoming “Marching Fire” expansion brings with it castle sieges and a new faction

By on June 12, 2018 at 10:00 am

At E3 2018, Ubisoft showed that they were still supporting their medieval sword-fighting game For Honor by announcing a new expansion; called Marching Fire, the new expansion brings with it some new features for players to sink their teeth into.

First up is a new faction: the Wu Lin. This Chinese-inspired faction brings with it new warriors: Jiang Jun who wields a guandao, ex-bodyguard Nuxia who brings a pair of shuang gou, a Shaolin wielding a staff, and the tragic figure Tiandi, who uses a massive broadsword.

In addition to the new faction, Marching Fire also brings with it a new mode called “Breach”. This mode involves a castle siege where one team of four tries to break into the castle, while another does their best to defend it.

Other additions to Marching Fire include a new “unlimited” single-player or two-player co-op mode where players can face AI opponents together, as well as graphical updates. No significant details of both of these have been provided by Ubisoft yet.

For Honor‘s Marching Fire expansion launches on October 16, 2018. For those looking to try the game out, however, the game is currently free on PC until June 18.

Source: Ubisoft

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