View the first gameplay of SoulCalibur VI’s guest character Geralt the Witcher, and other new characters

By on June 10, 2018 at 3:46 pm

E3 is underway, and with it there’s a treat for SoulCalibur VI fans. We finally have the opportunity to view the fabled Geralt of Rivia in action (other than the reveal trailer). IGN had the opportunity to interview the game’s producer, Motohiro Okubo, as well as feature the game’s guest character in actual gameplay.

Perhaps the first noticeable thing when viewing the footage — embedded below — is a completely rehashed UI in comparison to the build we have previously seen. The colors are crisper and brighter, and the various gauges are overall more readable. The new ship port stage is featured. Geralt fights Kilik at first, showcasing some moves. The next match features a Geralt mirror match at his home stage, Kaer Mohen. There’s an additional new stage shown in a match with Xianghua. Around the 56-minute mark, Siegfried shows up, another character that we haven’t seen in play yet. Geralt also faces Nightmare in another new stage.

After the break, at the 1:01 hour mark, Maxi fights against Zasalamel at a previously-unrevealed desert background. We also get a first look at Taki and Ivy in subsequent matches.

There’s a ton of new things to check out in this new build. Check out the matches below, while listening to a translated interview with Okubo.
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Source: IGN (Twitch)

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