Learn the basics of Grøh, SoulCalibur VI’s newest character

By on June 10, 2018 at 10:03 am
soulcalibur vi groh

Grøh is SoulCalibur VI‘s new and original character, and thus, no one has much information on him yet. Other then having played him at certain events, knowledge from past games won’t help understanding him. The assassin stands out with an aesthetic that seems closer to anime games, giving him a unique and edgier flair than most of the other “classic” fighters. Hayate gathered information on Grøh and prepared a new breakdown video that explains how this character functions.

Starting with some first impressions, Hayate judges Grøh as a fighter who has a good balance of speed and range, paired with great mobility. Several of his pokes go into his stance, Innocent Draw, which is key to his gameplay. 66K is a very good launcher which evades high-level attacks and then jumps up in the air. You can transition into his stance by holding forward with certain attacks. According to Hayate, the stance feels very “complete.” Some attacks from Innocent Draw will loop, keeping the character in the stance.

In Soul Charge, Grøh has access to some additional moves during the stance, including some teleporting strikes. Grøh can play a good poking game at range and mix-up the opponent when he’s close. In Soul Charge, his mobility gets to crazy levels, since he can appear immediately at certain spots and attack. As for weaknesses, he isn’t as good at punishing blocks, and he needs to take some risks.

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Source: Hayate EIN

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