Tachikawa talks about Dragon Ball FighterZ, anime waifus, Ramune candy, the FPS genre, and more in this intriguing interview with BornFree

By on June 8, 2018 at 6:00 pm
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Detonation Gaming’s Tachikawa Toru has made quite the splash in the fighting game community in the last couple of years. He started making his mark in Street Fighter V playing Dhalsim and Ibuki in Season 2, and now most recently in Season 3, doing damage with Kolin in this year’s Capcom Pro Tour. Most recently, Tachikawa has been making new waves in Dragon Ball FighterZ — placing third at Stunfest 2018 and 25th at Combo Breaker 2018.

As it turns out in this interview with BornFree, Tachikawa is a huge Dragon Ball fan — even so far as to calling out his fellow Japanese comrade Moke on his knowledge of the franchise! Outside of talking about DBFZ, some unexpected topics that come up are Tachikawa’s passion for anime “waifus”, Ramune candy that apparently helps him focus more in the game (as per the translator’s confused expression, Ramune is widely known only as Japanese soda, not candy), and his surprising revelation that he likes to play first-person shooters. All this is discussed and then some in the video below — which is over an hour long.

Source: BornFree