Pro wrestlers Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega will settle their feud in Street Fighter V at E3

By on June 8, 2018 at 11:00 am
kennyomega vs avier woods

Street Fighter V will be their ring!

Star WWE wrestler Xavier Woods (Austin Creed) and independent wrestler Kenny Omega have been feuding for a while now, healthily trash-talking each other via Twitter, dissing each other’s Street Fighter V skills.

They certainly respect each other as wrestlers, but when it comes to their fighting game skills, it’s another story. So, of course, Capcom is going to capitalize on this rivalry and will grant a digital ring to the fighters at E3. The two have faced each other before at CEO 2016, where Kenny Omega beat Xavier Woods. This continued into 2017, where Woods had his revenge. Sitting at 1-1, this year is looking to be the reckoning.

The two talk about their rivalry below:

This will actually be a team battle exhibition, so each wrestler will be joined by two mysterious teammates. The rivalry will be settled at 1:00 PM PT, June 14th, during this year’s E3 — and broadcast on the Capcom Fighter’s Twitch channel.

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter); Kenny Omega (Twitter): Xavier Woods (Twitter)

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