Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Cody to be showcased today in WinnerStaysOn sessions and Capcom USA stream

By on June 7, 2018 at 11:00 am
sfv ae cody knife 2

For those looking for more on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s new take on Cody, here’s some good news: this week’s edition of Capcom UK’s WinnerStaysOn Sessions is set to showcase the character.

The WinnerStaysOn Sessions usually take place on Tuesday. However, this week’s edition was delayed to today — Thursday, June 7 at 8:00 PM UTC (1:00 PM PT). On hand will be players such as Mouz|Problem X, Logan-sama, HDJammerz, and Packz, as well as the “Street Writer” Matthew Edwards, who will be breaking down Cody.

As usual, the stream will be hosted on the official Capcom Fighters channel on Twitch. This represents the first time that players outside of Capcom’s internal testers will get to try Cody out. After this, the next chance for the pubic to play the character before release will be at E3 next week.

You’ll also be able to gain some insight into Cody’s new abilities via a Capcom USA stream that kicks off at 3:00 PM PT.

Source: Capcom Fighters; Street Fighter (Twitter)

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