Indie flying-fighter Gravity Breakers version 0.3 goes live, adds alien drone grappler Gerzil

By on June 6, 2018 at 2:00 pm

The in-development perma-flying PC fighter Gravity Breakers has recently been updated to version 0.3. Along with the several system and balancing changes in this update, this indie sci-fi project has implemented its latest character: the alien drone Gerzil.

Gerzil has previously been seen showcased at the weekly SoCal fighting game competition Wednesday Night Fights, as well as through Gremlin’s Twitch and social media channels.

The developers shared some info on Gerzil’s battle design, and the new elements she brings to the cast:

Gerzil’s fighting style is savage and bloody, revolving around her ripping claws and retractable spikes. She is the first character with a grab-type special move: Monster Clutch. This move is still WIP but the final version will drain life from the opponent like a vampire. From a distance Gerzil fires webs, spikes, and insects. 

Grappling archetypes tend to be hearty tanks, but interestingly, it seems Gerzil only gets her additional health through her grappling. This justifies her ability to be a little more mobile and versatile — appropriate for the projectile-centered battlefield of Gravity Breakers.

You can read the full list of balance changes — and purchase the early-access version of the game — through Gremlin_Ent’s site. For more information on the game itself, make sure to visit

Source: gremlin_ent

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