Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito (SSGSS) and Zamasu (Fused) roundup: Zamasu 100%s, FINAL SHOWDOWN’s Vegito, and more!

By on June 4, 2018 at 12:00 pm

So now that you’ve had some time with the two latest DLC characters from Dragon Ball FighterZ, how do you feel? Are you ready to make some changes to your team, or are the new DBFZ characters more bust than busted?

If you need more to make an informed opinion, check out the content that’s poured into SRK’s inbox since release!

Starting with Vegito, rooflemonger explains the merged Saiyan’s unique Reverse Beat combo structure.

And speaking of combos, Ragna DaimondrooflemongerSitverGolddesk, and Clayton chapman each share their ideas for beginner-to-advanced combos.

And finally, sikshot gaming continues his On-Block series to cover Vegito’s (or his opponent’s) options.

Moving on to Zamasu, rooflemonger explains his Flight mechanic.

And then, nearly everyone else under the sun submitted combo videos, including: KoslessPersona Entertainment, and Boodendorf. Turns out Zamasu’s combo damage and flexibility is pretty good.

Was there something we missed that the world needs to see? Spirit bomb us with video links over at our tipline!

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