Release date confirmed! ARIKA’s Fighting EX Layer hits PlayStation 4 on June 28

By on June 1, 2018 at 9:00 am

Since April 1 of 2017, many fans have been eagerly waiting for the day when they could finally get their hands on ARIKA’s Fighting EX Layer. Well, that day is almost upon us, as ARIKA have announced the release date for the game on PlayStation 4: June 28.

ARIKA finally confirmed the date of Fighting EX Layer‘s release over Twitter. Additionally, they verified that this was effectively a worldwide launch, stating that the sales of the game would start in 68 countries and regions around the world.

As previously confirmed, Fighting EX Layer will come in two variants. The “Light Version”, which will retail for $39.99, comes with 12 launch characters and 5 Gouki decks. The “Standard Version” on the other hand will retails for for $59.99, will come with the 12 launch character, plus DLC character Hokuto, alongside 15 Gougi decks. All versions of the game will feature both English and Japanese text, plus Japanese voice-overs.

While you’re waiting to play it for yourself, check out some new footage from ARIKA, featuring multiple characters:

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Sources: ARIKA; arika

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