Boxer-King shares sneaky new tech trap off of King’s DF+2,1 in Tekken 7

By on June 1, 2018 at 6:00 pm

King’s DF+21 is a powerful tool, purely because of its speed and ability to lead to a small combo in Tekken 7. At 13 frames, this mid is central to many of King’s checks and counter-hit setups.

Those that main Tekken 7‘s premiere grappler will be pleased to know that BoxeR-King just upped the reward from DF+21 with a sneaky tech trap: King’s FF+1 — another safe mid that covers several options — works wonders post. It hits almost every defensive and offensive option the opponent can use, and it even rewards you with a screw attack in specific situations.

Source: BoxeR-King

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