SoulCalibur expert Hayate goes over Kilik’s gameplay changes in SoulCalibur VI

By on May 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm

We’ve seen a fair amount of SoulCalibur VI gameplay, but it’s difficult to study up on strategy or command lists. However, you can get a leg up on competition if you plan on playing the staff-wielder, Kilik: French SoulCalibur expert and YouTuber Hayate put together a tutorial that takes into account the fighter’s previous incarnations, and compares them to his newest iteration.

Hayate begins by bringing up some of the bigger Kilik changes, like modifications to his popular moves, Asura Dance (it loses the Guard Impact) and Festival of the Damned throw (only in Soul Charge now). His playstyle has slightly changed; now he has an easier time attacking with close range attacks thanks to a faster 2A poke and streamlining of some inputs. He has regained some mix-up options from a 236 stance, which also parries attacks. Both 236A and 214A, which parry attacks, lead into Lethal Hits (powerful counter hits).

Kilik has been blessed with a “true” 3B launcher, which is relatively quick and starts big combos. Hayate goes on to cover Kilik’s unique Soul Charge, which alters his playstyle pretty significantly, turning him into a rushdown beast at the cost of health. The YouTuber predicts that Kilik will feel like a strong character at first, but he may not necessarily be top tier. Nonetheless, he’s very fun to play.

Source: Hayate EIN

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