Next BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Arc Nama stream set for Friday, June 15th

By on May 29, 2018 at 4:00 pm

The Japanese website for the upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle has recently been updated, revealing that the next Arc Nama stream will be held on Friday, June 15th. This will be an interesting broadcast, as it will be the first monthly stream following the title’s full release, making its potential contents all the more interesting.

Even though this month’s stream was the first to not feature any character reveals, and the 31-character lineup for Evo 2018 has already been set, we still have nine DLC characters (whom will comprise Cross Character Packs 4-6) left to be revealed. Recent datamining of the Nintendo Switch’s open online beta has indicated the remaining fighters to be BlazBlue’s Izayoi, Nine The Phantom and Mai Natsume, Persona 4 Arena’s Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada and Labrys, and Under Night In-Birth’s Yuzuriha Sougetsu, Merkava, and Mika Returna. There have also been rumblings of Senran Kagura’s Asuka and Yumi potentially Crossing Fate with the four core franchises of BBTAG (though that has been denied). While we currently have no idea what ASW plans to show off, there’s a strong possibility that Cross Character Pack 4 could be revealed.

As always, you can catch the action at at 4:00 AM PT (6:00 AM CT, 7:00 AM ET).

What are you hoping to see revealed on the upcoming stream? Give us your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam in Japan this Thursday, May 31st, with a North American release on the same platforms following next Tuesday, June 5th. A European release by PQube for PS4 and Switch will drop on Friday, June 22nd.

Source: blazblue/jp/tag

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