Get the lowdown on Cody’s new mayoral moveset in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on May 28, 2018 at 9:00 am

Bringing knives and pipes to a fist fight — this is one mayor who fights dirty.

Hot on the heels of his reveal trailer, Capcom has now shared details of Cody’s moveset in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition over on Capcom-Unity. While the concept of an ex-convict becoming a mayor sounds like an American nightmare, Cody’s unique background means allows him to bring with him an interesting — if dirty — bag of tricks.

That said, getting elected into office did mean that one of his dirty tricks is no longer with us. Cody seems to have quit his hobby of throwing rocks at people (maybe he has a couple of young bucks in city hall do that for him). Instead, Cody can now use his new “Tornado Sweep” special to kick up a gust of wind that acts as a projectile. Aside from this, however, he still retains his “Zonk Knuckle” and “Ruffian Kick” special moves.

One old move that he does bring back — all the way from Final Fight — is his “Double Kick” V-Skill. Veterans should remember this as Cody’s Mega Crash from the Final Fight games, which was also turned into a special move, also called “Mega Crash”, in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode.

The original Final Fight version.

The move itself hits on both sides of Cody, making it an effective anti-air, even against cross ups, and even a combo ender.

As for Cody’s V-Triggers, these bring back a couple of weapons he used in previous games. V-Trigger I, “Sidearm”, pulls out his knife. As in previous games, this extends the range of his normals, while also making them safer on block. Also, he can once again throw his knife, this time by pressing both hard punch and hard kick buttons at the same time. Unlike before, he no longer has to pick his knife back up, he can just pull another one out of his pocket. In fact, the only way for Cody lose his knife is for his V-Trigger meter to end, and even then he still has to either throw it, or hit an opponent with it.

Another new thing he gains with his knife is the new “Rapid Fire” special move. We’ve already seen this in the trailer, with Cody rapidly slashing at his opponent with his knife.

Cody’s second V-Trigger is “Dirty Coach”. Here, he brings out the pipe last seen in his second Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV, and more commonly picked up from the ground in Final Fight. With the pipe, the range on his fierce punch is greatly extended.

In addition to this, he can also use it as a baseball bat by pressing hard punch and hard kick again to activate “Gentle Swing”, or it’s anti-air version “Gentle Upper Swing”. Both of  these can be combined another move he gains in V-Trigger II, “Bean Ball”, which finally sees him throwing a rock. By timing either swing right, he can make the rock land in different positions, including up in the air (and back down on the opponent’s head), or just smashing straight through his opponent. The catch for all of this is that Cody loses access to his “Tornado Sweep” special. This means he’ll now be dependent on his rocks for hitting people from afar.

Finally, Cody’s Critical Art is his “Criminal Punisher”. The move is basically a really big version of his old “Criminal Upper” special move, with it now generating a much, much bigger tornado.

Cody will be available for purchase on June 26. However, for players looking to try him out before that, Capcom will be bringing a build of the game that includes him as a playable character to E3.

sfv ae cody costumes

Source: Capcom-Unity

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