Red Bull Conquest Seattle results

By on May 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm


Red Bull Conquest is a regional fighting game circuit designed to highlight local fighting game scenes. The tournament circuit is traveling to 15 qualifiers across the United States — with one additional online qualifier — to determine which region has the best players in Street Fighter V: Arcade EditionTekken 7, and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

Hundreds of competitors came to the Living Computer Museum from all over the Pacific Northwest for last weekend’s Red Bull Conquest qualifier in Seattle.

sfv ae results banner

1. ChrisCCH
2. WestCoastPlease
3. Raoh
4. JordanDGAF
5. Str8 Rippin|DRDANNYPHAM
5. Jibrill
7. keeper253
7. KyleP
9. FineLikeWine
9. Xicano_87
9. BattleLounge|baconisbeast
9. LCD
1. Hamad
2. Dave O
3. DayUn
4. @ChadDrawsThings
5. Paracles
7. HellSap
7. SlappyTheNinja
9. RedTag14
9. Ruka
9. gunicycle
9. badguy

The quest to find the top fighting game champions in the nation continues, as Red Bull Conquest moves to its third qualifier in Los Angeles on June 16. Following Los Angeles, the tournament circuit will continue to make its way across the country with 12 more qualifiers taking place leading up to the Red Bull Conquest Finals in Washington D.C. this November where winners from each region will clash in the ultimate battle for superiority. The full schedule is available at Red Bull Conquest, with all future Conquest events streaming at redbullesports.

Source: Red Bull Esports

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