Master T and his Ultimate Manimal Arts are the subject of Blade Strangers latest trailer

By on May 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Master of the secrets that divide man from animal, animal from man.

Nicalis has released the second to the last character trailer for Blade Strangers. This new video focuses on Master T Drakkhen, the practitioner of “Ultimate Manimal Arts” from Code of Princess EX.

As stated above, Master T practices the Ultimate Manimal Arts. This involves the use of animal spirits in battle (but not actually transforming into animals), which in game, seems to translate into a hard-hitting style reminiscent of various Chinese martials arts.

After this, Solange remains as the only character to not yet get their own character trailer.

Blade Strangers hits PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch this Summer.

Source: Nicalis

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