Razer reveals new Dragon Ball FighterZ editions of the Panthera and Atrox fight sticks

By on May 24, 2018 at 11:00 am
razer dbfz panthera

Increase your power level with these Dragon Ball-branded controllers.

The Razer Panthera fight stick has proven very popular as a controller for serious fighting game enthusiasts — amateur and professional alike — and has seen multiple Street Fighter V-themed editions after its initial release. But Razer has taken note of the incredible popularity of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and has revealed that players are now able to show their love for DBFZ even more clearly with a new Dragon Ball FighterZ-themed Panthera!

Featuring DBFZ-themed top panel art, a new case color scheme, and Dragon Ball-styled pushbuttons, this new version of the Panthera sports the same technical build as its predecessors, using Sanwa Denshi parts. Xbox players can rock this dragon too, as Razer has also announced that a new edition of the Atrox is also available to match.

UPDATE: The initial wave may already be sold out, as they are listed as “out of stock” on the Razer store. We’ll keep an eye out for restocks, and on other Razer retailers.

Source: R Λ Z Ξ R

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