Capcom is hinting at a Cody reveal for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition — possibly at Combo Breaker this weekend [UPDATED]

By on May 24, 2018 at 1:30 pm
sfv ae opening cody breaks out

Looks like Cody is almost ready to break back into Street Fighter.

The time is drawing near for another character reveal for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition — if Capcom’s social media channels are any indication. As per their usual form, they’ve updated their avatar images on Facebook and Twitter to something that many fans of a certain Metro City brawler have been waiting to see…

Cody is possibly the most-anticipated returning fighter for Season 3 — outside of those that still bend the knee to the King of Muay Thai. While an updated avatar doesn’t promise anything, the timing is ideal to drop a trailer for Cody at this weekend’s Combo Breaker 2018; not only is it a big FGC destination and a fantastic event to begin with, but it is the next Premier event on the Capcom Pro Tour circuit, so keep your eyes peeled for a little something extra after the Street Fighter V top 8 has played out!

SFV Season 3 characters

UPDATE: Yeah, Capcom’s not even being that coy about it anymore. Top 8 at Combo Breaker it is!

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