Datamined voice clips reveal special intros with unrevealed DLC characters in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

By on May 19, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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Datamining of the Nintendo Switch version of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle‘s recently-completed online beta has unearthed a lot about the upcoming tag-team title. From the nine currently-unannounced DLC characters who will fill out the full 40 character roster, to a pair of potential guests from the Senran Kagura franchise.

But now we have new evidence that further points to the eventual inclusions of BlazBlue’s Nine The Phantom, Izayoi and Mai Natsume, Persona 4 Arena’s Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada and Labrys, as well as Under Night In-Birth’s Merkava, Yuzuriha Sougetsu, and Mika Returna. The evidence? Datamined audio clips of Ruby Rose, Linne, and Yukiko Amagi reveal their portions of team-specific intros, outros, and victory conversations with a variety of DLC fighters.

Additionally, Colors 14-16, which were not purchasable in the beta’s Color Shop, were found for Ruby, which AceKombat notes are shared palettes that will be available to the entire cast. There has also been a Boss theme found among the files, which carries an ominous tune that’s hopefully befitting to whatever over-the-top final enemy we’ll face in Episode and (perhaps) Survival Modes. You can see everything below:

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in Japan and Asia on Thursday, May 31st, with a North American release on those same platforms following on Tuesday, June 5th. A European release for PS4 and Switch has also been confirmed for Friday, June 22nd.

Sources: XxAceKombatxX (Twitter); Kiazouwar

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