Vegito (SSGSS) V-Jump scans surface for Dragon Ball FighterZ, alongside Dramatic Finish details

By on May 17, 2018 at 11:00 am
Vegito Blue SSGSS Attack

“C’mon mister god. I’m through listening to your quibbling.”

Its been nearly three weeks since the character trailer for Vegito (SSGSS) leaked for Dragon Ball FighterZ and the fused Saiyan is finally being announced by official sources. This month’s V-Jump magazine has been scanned and uploaded online, thanks to ShonenGames, and shows new details about the upcoming DLC fighter.

First and foremost, the character’s stats have been put on display and are as follows:

  • Ease of Use — SS
  • Power — S
  • Speed — S
  • Reach — A
  • Technique — S
  • Energy — SS

You can also catch a glimpse at Vegito (SSGSS)’s Final Kamehameha and his dramatic finish with Zamasu (Fused) in the scan as well.

It shouldn’t be too much longer until both Vegito (SSGSS) and Zamasu (Fused) are finally released for players to enjoy. Check out the scan in its entirety below!

Vegito Blue SSGSS V Jump Scan

Source: ShonenGames Associate Editor. Austyn James Roney began his gaming journey with Super Smash Bros. on the N64 but learned the ways of the fighting game genre with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Loves all fighters, regardless of dimension or playstyle.