Learn to use the King of Dinosaurs’ buffed crouching heavy punch with this new The King of Fighters XIV tutorial

By on May 16, 2018 at 5:00 pm

With its recent 3.0 patch to The King of Fighters XIV, the King of Dinosaurs received a number of changes meant to patch some holes in his gameplan. Among these, however, is one that some players may be overlooking: the expanded hit box on his crouching hard punch.

As demonstrated in the video below by APE OF THE UNIVERSE, expanding the hitbox on crouching hard punch (or “2C” in numeric notation) gives the wrestler formerly known as Tizoc better hit confirms. He gains him more damage from further out, whereas prior to the patch, he had to go for sub-optimal combo routes from these ranges. This is on top of having a much more lenient close range confirm into Quick Max.

In addition to this however, the expanded hit box also gives King of Dinosaurs a better anti-air option. Prior to the buff, he had to go for a preemptive air-to-air to stop jump ins. With the buff, he can now use crouching hard punch to anti-air instead, especially since it has auto-guard frames.

Source: APE OF THE UNIVERSE via r/kof

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