Datamining of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle announcer voice reveals possible Senran Kagura guest characters [UPDATED]

By on May 16, 2018 at 8:30 am

Datamining has revealed even more cast information from BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Digging through the voice clips of the game opened up another unexpected surprise: it appears that Arc System Works may be planning on guest-starring characters from yet another franchise in their crossover game: Senran Kagura‘s Asuka and Yumi.

Around the 4-minute mark, the announcer gets into characters. We can hear her say “Nine the Phantom,” Izaoyi,” “Mai Natsume,” in the BlazBlue character section. Next, she says “Labrys,” “Mitsuru Kirijio,” and “Akihiko Sanada” when she hits upon the Persona characters. Then, the Under Night section brings up Merkava, Yuzuriha, and Mika. After the RWBY characters, she says “Asuka” and “Yumi.” There’s also an “Unknown,” possibly for a boss character?

Given the previous evidence from the Nintendo Switch BBTAG datamining, there’s more and more confirmation for the final nine DLC characters. It seems like only a flat denial from Arc System Works could unravel this, but the company has not commented on the leaks… yet. BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s Jubei was leaked in a similar way, through the announcer files.

There was no evidence, however, of Asuka and Yumi in the game’s text files, according to OtherEhm — the one who found the names of the remaining cast members in the beta’s game files.

UPDATE: This discussion thread on the Steam forum seems to indicate that either the Senran Kagura voice clips are leftover unused assets — or Arc System Works just wants to downplay their discovery!

Sources: TheModernCamEraGuy; OtherEhm

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