Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s second DLC character

By on May 15, 2018 at 9:00 am

Square Enix has revealed the identity of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT‘s second DLC character! From the SNES classic Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III as it was originally labeled as in the USA) we have none other than the “treasure hunter” Locke Cole.

Locke — a treasure hunter, who definitely isn’t a thief — was shown off in a trailer as part of Square Enix’s recent live stream. For those who aren’t familiar with Final Fantasy VI, Locke is one of the first characters players get to use (unlike later titles in the series, FFVI doesn’t really have a central “main character” per se), and helps start off the events of the game when he’s recruited to rescue Terra during the game’s opening mission.

In addition to the trailer, Square Enix also detailed Locke’s alternate costumes and weapons. You can check these out, alongside some new artwork from legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano, in the gallery below.

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With the reveal of Locke, we now have only 4 remaining DLC characters. The hints that Square Enix have given about their identities are as follows.

  • New female character
  • New male character
  • Female character who previously appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy series
  • New male character

All of these characters will be from the latter half of the Final Fantasy series.

Locke is set to arrive on Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcades on May 17, followed by Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PlayStation 4 in June.

Source: Square Enix via Siliconera

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