A Capcom vs. SNK 2 legend emerges at GameSpot Versus’ most recent monthly tournament

By on May 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm
P-Groove CVS2

“This battle is about to explode! FIGHT!”

GameSpot Versus is known for bringing out some of the best players in all of Japan for Capcom vs. SNK 2. This time around, they brought out an especially elite contender, as D44BAS made his way to the arcade for their monthly tournament.

The two time Evo champion faced off against 23 other gladiators in the month of April, as his legendary A-Groove Vega-Blanka-Bison team hasn’t lost a single step. Who will live and let die? Find out for yourself in the captured stream below!

Source: silentscope88

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