InfernoKong shows off a true champion’s might with this The King of Fighters XIV’s combo video

By on May 14, 2018 at 2:00 pm

No one flexes harder than The King of Fighters XIV‘s Antonov, and no-one’s Antonov flexes harder than dedicated Antonov pro APE OF THE U N I V E R S E, a.k.a. InfernoKong. If you aren’t convinced yet about the potential of this character in version 3.0, maybe InfernoKong’s latest combo video will change your mind:

Antonov received a number of buffs to his Bering Wave, and a host of new cancel options into the move. This has helped both his damage output and, more importantly, his neutral game in 3.0.

Source: APE OF THE U N I V E R S E

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