BornFree interviews rising Dragon Ball FighterZ star Wong Nation|Lost Soul

By on May 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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“I just really wanted to hit buttons, but I also wanted to go to the tournaments.”

One of the players that can potentially make it through the Summit of Power voting is the fascinating Lost Soul, a man who may have been born without a first name, but was born with a natural ability to take control of fighting games. At 8 years old he was already ruthlessly rushing down adults in X-men vs. Street Fighter, and needless to say, he’s only gotten better since then: he’s won at NLBC, and he’s scored the support of FGC legend Echo Fox|Justin Wong.

He’s also the subject of BornFree’s latest interview. which is chock-full of a life of interesting stories and great advice. Take a look above to find out about Lost Soul’s own bouts with stubbornness, his rise to the top, and the origins of his tournament name.

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Source: BornFree

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