BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle roundup: A touch-of-death, Weiss combos, and Azrael tech

By on May 11, 2018 at 1:00 pm

As the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta has been available for over a day now, many players are busy discovering and posting tech on social media. SRK gathered a variety of clips that showcase powerful combos and useful tech for many situations. Thanks to everyone for sharing good tech with the community!

No better way to say hello than with this “Touch of Death” combo. It may be one of the first ones found. Note that it won’t kill higher-health characters.

Now, I already thought Azrael corner cross-up shenanigans are awful… but ASW decided to give him a partner.

Tager also greatly benefits from having a partner. While Gadget Finger restands were already plenty terrifying in regular BlazBlue games, now the partner can tag in for cross-ups and other mix-ups.

Going back to Azrael though, he certainly retains the spirit of his original appearance in the main BlazBlue games.

Here’s a stylish combo between newcomer Weiss and Persona mainstay Yukiko. Now that’s combining ice with fire effectively!

Here’s a Ruby combo. Note that it starts from an overhead!

BlazBlue’s Jin retained the vacuum properties of his standing B, allowing him to cross-up the opponent in the corner.

Here’s an advanced solo Ragna combo. Even without a partner, the combos in BBTAG can be pretty involving.

Es in action. That’s an air confirm leading to close to 10,000 damage.

If you want to play Weiss, here’s a quick combo tutorial for her.

Ruby and Weiss look amazing together in this stylish mid-screen combo. Arc System Works has done an amazing job conveying their abilities from the show.

Who knew Ragna and Hazama can make a good team? It sure is nice to not have a limit on chains.

The frog army is coming! King George is an EX move for Rachel, so with Resonance Blaze, she can throw out quite a few as her meter fills up automatically.

Don’t forget that the BBTAG beta is ongoing. Details have also been revealed about the Nintendo Switch BBTAG beta and the dates for the European version of the game.

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