The BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta is coming to all US Nintendo Switch users, European beta information announced

By on May 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Big news about the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta! Arc System Works has been quiet regarding the Nintendo Switch version, but the announcement is even better than expected. Also, our European anime fans finally find out some news regarding the pre-release access.

Whether you pre-ordered or not, anyone can download the Nintendo Switch demo of BBTAG. The demo works similarly to the PSN BBTAG beta, which contains 20 characters and a few select modes. It’s available from 10:00 PM PT on May 10th, and the demo will work past the beta period — but with only four characters. So the demo is free, but on the flipside, there’s no way to have an extended “fuller” beta with 20 characters until the game’s June 5th release. If you have questions about the beta, Arc System Works posted a new FAQ on their site.

Until now, we’ve only heard that Europe is getting BBTAG “sometime in the summer,” but publisher PQube announced via Twitter that the release is slated for June (unspecified day, but it’s at least the same month as the US version). Additionally, there be an offline demo for the European region starting from May 18th until release. Sadly, the European Nintendo Switch users are out of luck, as there is no demo for them at all.

Sources: Arc System Works; PQube

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