SNK’s new NEO GEO Mini is both a miniature arcade cabinet and miniature console

By on May 10, 2018 at 9:00 am

Some time back, we reported on SNK’s plans to enter into the mini console market, following in the footsteps of Nintendo and Sega. Now, the company has revealed their entry into this segment: the NEO GEO Mini.

As with Nintendo’s offerings, as well as the upcoming Sega Mega Drive Mini, SNK’s NEO GEO Mini is a miniaturized version of their classic hardware. However, unlike the other two, the NEO GEO Mini doesn’t just copy the original’s look onto a miniaturized shell. Rather, SNK instead opted to miniaturize an entire arcade cabinet.

Specifically, the NEO GEO Mini copies the look of SNK’s Neo Candy Mini SC19 candy cabinet. While the mini console connects to a TV via HDMI and features two controllers, players can also opt to play via the built in 3.5 inch screen, and miniature arcade control panel.

The NEO GEO Mini will come in two versions. The one for the Japanese and Asian markets will feature colors based on the original Neo Candy Mini SC19. Meanwhile, the “international” version will instead use a more muted color palette, and slightly different mini arcade panel to bring it closer to the look of the original AES console.

As for the games, the NEO GEO Mini is set to launch with 40 classic titles. No word as of yet has been given on exactly what titles will be included, however the officially released photos hint at a number of classic fighting games from The King of FightersSamurai Shodown, and Fatal Fury franchises, alongside other classics such as Metal Slug.

No release date as of yet has been given by SNK for the NEO GEO Mini. In the meantime, check out these promotional photos of the mini console.

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Source: SNK via Siliconera

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