Assessing the nerfs to Android 16, Vegeta, and Adult Gohan with Maximilian’s Dragon Ball FighterZ patch breakdown

By on May 10, 2018 at 12:00 pm

The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ patch has been live for a bit, and among some new content and modes, it includes some balance changes. Though the changes aren’t huge, they do affect some of the most dominating characters in the game: Android 16, Vegeta, and Adult Gohan. Maximilian says in his breakdown video that the patch rather aims to adjust the meta, rather than be a big balance pass.

Maximilian starts out with the changes to Android 16, who no longer gets a full knockdown from the infamous command grab. While the opponent is still grounded, they are able to roll in either direction, which doesn’t allow the ‘droid to do a cross-up anymore. It’s a small but pretty significant change. Also, his heavy attack doesn’t go through projectiles anymore. Adult Gohan’s Machine Gun Kick doesn’t have as much frame advantage on block, which means it’s not as strong of a blockstring as it used to be. Vegeta (SSGSS) hasn’t received really big changes, but scaling on some attacks has been adjusted, and Bandai Namco applied many bug fixes.

Get yourself acquainted with the full DBFZ patch notes on SRK, and check out Maximilian’s thoughts below.

Source: Maximilian Dood

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