This Japanese BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle system primer video covers everything you need to know

By on May 9, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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The BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta is upon us; those who pre-order are able to play the game today. For some, it will be the first time they had a chance to play the tag crossover game, even though it has been available at certain GameStop stores and events. To that end, Curry Roo has offered an excellent system overview of the game.

Although it’s in Japanese, it’s still an excellent system primer that goes over all the general mechanics of the game. The overview begins with an explanation of movement. Note that pressing forward dashes automatically. We switch to the main buttons, which are an ABCD system. A and B attacks can autocombo, and C is the Crash Assault overhead strike. The D button tags the partner.

If you’re more curious about partner attacks, that’s the P button (R1 on controllers). Everyone has three different assist attacks, which can be done by combining P with either direction or none. BBTAG has a few system mechanics that utilized by pressing two buttons at once. Throw by pressing B+C, and A+D is a universal Dragon Punch move, which can be done in the air as well as in combos. Note that if the opponent punishes your DP, you won’t be able to use a partner assist to bust you out.

As for special moves, 236 or 214 with A and B cover most inputs in the game. Some characters have 22 inputs as well. Pressing C unleashes the EX version of the special move which costs one bar. Super moves are done similarly but with B+C inputs instead. By simply pressing P during a super of the main character, the next character will tag in and perform their Distortion Drive. There’s no traditional Bursting in the game, however, in certain situations, your partner can step in to save your character if you press P+D.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle pre-orders are live today.

Source: Curry Roo

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