Final round of Dragon Ball FighterZ Summit of Power Player Voting now open; Top 20 players revealed

By on May 9, 2018 at 10:00 am

After a grueling first round of voting, the nomination phase to determine the final five players in the Dragon Ball FighterZ Summit of Power has been whittled down to a mere 20 players. They will be joining a lineup of eight of the strongest in the DBFZ Universe, as well as a trio of qualifiers at various events to battle for supremacy, bragging rights, and a $10,000 prize pool. The players remaining in the running are:

  • CLN|Yohosie – 2,216 Votes
  • Lord Knight – 1,546 Votes
  • Echo Fox|dekillsage – 1,270 Votes
  • PONOS|Moke – 1,195 Votes
  • PAG|LostSoul – 698 Votes
  • Brkrdave – 572 Votes
  • NRG|Supernoon – 532 Votes
  • NinjaElephant – 532 Votes
  • PAG|Fame96 – 468 Votes
  • UYU|Kizzie Kay – 385 Votes
  • PsrK|BeyondToxin – 375 Votes
  • KaneBlueRiver – 354 Votes
  • CDV|WhiteBl4ck – 343 Votes
  • Teemo – 309 Votes
  • IG|Zeroq – 260 Votes
  • FP|Chavo – 237 Votes
  • UYU|Cloud805 – 219 Votes (in danger of elimination)
  • SQ – 171 Votes (in danger of elimination)
  • EMP|RogueYoshi – 170 Votes (in danger of elimination)
  • CE|Doza – 52 Votes (in danger of elimination)

Today (May 9th) the bottom 4 will be eliminated from contention at 2:00 PM PT (4:00 PM CT, 5:00 PM ET). On Friday, May 11th, the field will be reduced to the top 12. Three days later, on the 14th, the player with the most votes will be invited to the Summit, while the bottom 3 will be eliminated, leaving only 8 Z Warriors in the running. On the 15th, the next two-highest-voted players will receive invites, while the bottom 2 get the boot. Finally, on May 16th, the top 2 from the final 4 will receive the last pair of spots, leaving only the Last Chance Qualifier at Combo Breaker 2018 to decide the final entry.

You can find more details about the voting process — as well as ways to purchase limited-time SoP merchandise and 10 spots that will allow players to “buy-in” to the event as a spectator, who will also be able to play casual sets with the pros — on reddit.

The Summit of Power takes place on June 8-10th in Los Angeles, California, and will be streamed on

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