FGC Philosophy interviews Combo Queens co-founder DaPurpleSharpie, talks Origins, FGC, Invitationals vs Locals

By on May 9, 2018 at 6:00 pm
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“There’s nothing stopping you from going out and running your own event tomorrow.”

If you’ve always wanted to do something for the FGC beyond just playing the game, then the guest on The Philocypher‘s FGC Philosophy latest episode could (and should) be a new source of inspiration to you. Meet Combo Queen DaPurpleSharpie.

A commentator, content creator, competitor, and co-founder of the women-empowering organization “Combo Queens“, DaPurpleSharpie has made it her intention to give back to the FGC and grow it in every way she can. Her message is one of growth and achievement for everyone that wants to play fighting games — but the energy here is applicable to far beyond games alone.

Hey, I'm just a 3D-head in a 2D-world. I like pretty much all FGC stuff, and I really like hearing about the way people think about games.