Tune up your ninjutsu skills with this Bang Shishigami combo tutorial video

By on May 8, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Have no fear, for the Japanese ninja, Bang Shishigami is here! Bang is one of the original BlazBlue characters, hailing all the way from 2008’s Calamity Trigger. Though he isn’t a very popular character in Central Fiction, he still remains a unique and complex character with very cool ninja tricks.

Hentaitop is back with a new combo collections video covering Bang. As usual, their videos start out with a few informative screens that explain his moves. There are a few layers to him involving resources. He gains Seals with his Drive, which unlock special skills for his Overdrive as well as give him access to a new Distortion Drive should he have all of them. He spends Nails whenever he uses different types of projectiles either for neutral or in combos. The video starts out with more basic combos that take advantage of such resources. The variety of combos covers midscreen and corner techniques from many starters, including throw. And as always, the latter combos in video increase in complexity and incorporate Overdrive and Rapid Cancels.

Check it out below, and also take a look at Hibiki CF combos for different style of ninjutsu.

Source: Hentaitop

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