Dial your opponent’s number with these 20 Tekken 7 Noctis tips and tricks

By on May 8, 2018 at 6:00 pm
tekken 7 noctis phone

Noctis was released not too long ago, so although many players have grasped his general gameplay flow, it’s time to dig a little bit deeper. LiangHuBBB has been hard at work creating a robust tutorial video that covers setups and combos with the Final Fantasy XV protagonist.

The video starts out by pointing out safe moves on block, f, f+1+2 and u/f+1. They’re easy ways to catch the opponent pressing buttons and will start a combo on counter-hit. Another good move to use in pressure is wr 1+2, which is a launcher that’s +11 frames on block. It’s a little slow to come out, but it avoids sweeps. Switch things up with d/b+1+2, which is very negative on block (-16), but it causes significant pushback, which may cause the opponent to whiff their punish.

Check out the rest of the tips in the video below, which are demonstrated in gameplay demos in between the text explanations.

Source: LiangHuBBB

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