AutoMattock evaluates Falke’s gameplan and viability in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on May 3, 2018 at 6:00 pm
sfv falke v-skill 750x400

One of the hardest-working voices in developing tech for each of the new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s DLC characters has consistently been AutoMattock. After his various tech bibles on Zeku and Kolin, its no surprise that he’s set his sights on the Guardian Hawk, Falke.

AutoMattock‘s latest video breaks down some of the common pitfalls you may run into when picking up Falke, and evaluates where he expects her tournament viability to end up in the long run. Check out the video above for a crash course in sniping fundamentals and footsies from one of the FGC’s most innovative players.

Source: AutoMattock

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