Tutorial video gives an overview of Dizzy’s strengths and weaknesses in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

By on May 2, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Dizzy’s popularity has been proven in Guilty Gear, when she won the character popularity poll that inclined Arc System Works to put her into the Xrd series. Though she isn’t played as often, she certainly has a cult following built around her fanciful appearance: centered around an interplay of light and shadow, ice and fire. If you’ve ever wondered if she’s the right character for you in Xrd REV 2, Apolo Loussalier’s video might convince you.

At heart, Dizzy is a zoner who is actually surprisingly mobile, especially thanks to her double air-dash. This lets her quickly retreat and advance on the battlefield as well as lead an offense in unexpected ways. When paired up with her summons and projectiles, the air-dashes can lead to powerful mix-up and cross-ups. Her normal attacks have good range but tend to be on the slower side. Her gameplan revolves around knocking the opponent down (her throw, which allows comboing, is a great way to accomplish that) and sending ice and fire spears at them, coupling with her frozen fish attacks.

Check out a breakdown of her special moves and more in the video below, and if you were curious about a different character, the author also made a video about Ramlethal’s pros and cons.

Source: Apolo Loussalier

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