Panda Global announces PG FighterZ League for Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on May 2, 2018 at 10:00 am

A New Challenger has entered the Dragon Ball FighterZ competitive arena!

It looks like the Summit of Power isn’t going to be the only competitive Dragon Ball FighterZ circuit raging this year, as the road to Evo 2018 now runs through Panda Global’s newly-announced PG FighterZ League.

Beginning this past weekend and running through July 15th, this community league — spanning local tournaments, online events, and Twitch sub-only tournaments, including some run by Panda Global themselves — will look to award the top 3 placers with temporary sponsorships and flights out to Evo 2018 this August as members of PG.

Any tournament organizer can get their event approved on any of DBFZ’s three platforms, simply by organizing it within, gaining enough registered participants to meet one of the stated tier requirements, and gaining the stamp from PG. TOs will be limited to only two events per tier each month, however.

Tier and point distribution are as follows:

  • pgZ Tier: PG’s nakkiel_pnw twitch sub only Online Monthlies: 1st: 600 Points 2nd: 300 Points 3rd:225 Points 4th: 150 Points 5th place tie: 75 Points each 7th place tie: 40 Points each [15 Points for coming below Top 8]
  • LocalZ Tier: Offline Events with 16+ Players: 1st place: 240 Points 2nd place: 120 Points 3rd place: 90 Points 4th place: 60 Points 5th place tie: 30 Points each 7th place tie: 15 Points each [5 Points for coming below Top 8]
  • SubZ Tier: twitch Sub Only with 16+ players: 1st place: 160 Points 2nd place: 80 Points 3rd place: 60 Points 4th place: 40 Points 5th place tie: 20 Points each 7th place tie: 10 Points each [5 Points for coming below Top 8]
  • LobbyZ Tier: online tournaments with 16+ players: 1st place: 80 Points 2nd place: 40 Points 3rd place: 30 Points 4th place: 20 Points 5th place tie: 10 Points each 7th place tie: 5 Points each

The top 3 placers by July 16th will receive a flight to Evo 2018 and swag from Smash.GG, while the Top 2 also have their entry fees paid for and the Champion receives additional swag from Panda Global.

This past weekend’s Rose City Ascension 3, The Arkansas Special – April Edition, Week 4 of the #CellGames, TallyTown Throwdown, “Way of the Wolf,” Super TSB 2018, and the EU’s BORN TO FIGHT – Shenron Challenge results will count towards the rankings. Upcoming events include:

  • Texas Showdown 2018
  • Caliburst May 2018
  • Northern Conflict XVI
  • Manga Pop Gaming Tournament
  • Spanish Masters: The Iberian Showdown
  • PG FighterZ League: PGz May-July (for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam PC)
  • THE FIGHT 2018
  • Smash-Mex 2018

For more information on the event, and to check out the current standings, head over to and follow PandaGlobalPG on Twitter.

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