See the ultimate fused Saiyan’s strength with IKevinX’s references for SSGSS Vegito’s Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer

By on April 29, 2018 at 10:00 am
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The pure-blooded Saiyan Fusion with the power of a god takes the stage!

Following his recent coverage of the Dragon Ball FighterZ reveal trailer references for Fused Zamasu, YouTuber IKevinX is already back to cover the anime and manga references of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito, whose trailer was leaked earlier today.

Drawing heavily on his two canonical battles with Fused Zamasu and Super Buu, we can see that the fused Saiyan has retained several of his signature melee attacks, as well as his abilities The Big Bang Flash, Spirit Stab, and (what appears to be) his Savage Counter. The Savage Strike, Sprit Excalibur from Dragon Ball Heroes and, of course, the Final Kamehameha, appear to be his Super Special Attacks. You can see the full video below, as well as links to IKevinX’s previous work.

SSGSS Vegito, like all other DLC characters, can be purchased for $4.99 individually.  He is also the fourth character in the FighterZ Pass, which includes Bardock, Broly, Fused Zamasu and four other yet-to-be-revealed characters, for $34.99. He will release will his own Z-Stamp, Lobby Avatar and color set. No release date for him has been confirmed, but he will likely launch alongside Fused Zamasu.

Source: IKevinX

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