The final members of the Skull Cross Gang assemble in the latest character profiles from the CFN Portal

By on April 25, 2018 at 6:00 pm

The remainder of the Skull Cross Gang takes the stage in the latest set of CFN Profiles!

After beginning coverage on the underlings of Final Fight 3’s Skull Cross Gang, the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute returns to its records on the 1995 title to conclude their reports on these violent individuals. Once again, Low-Ranking Shadaloo Soldier Private Nakagawa is resuming his duties of relaying all of Shadaloo’s collected information.

First up, we have Arby’s partner Fat Jack!

Private Nakagawa: “Jack is a gang underling who doesn’t do much of anything, but he’s terrible when angered. He’s part of Callman’s team.”


Basic Info:

Name: Fat Jack
Height: 197cm
Weight: 181kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: June 1st
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Ramen
Dislikes: Mornings (he’s a night owl)

Private Nakagawa: “A giant active in Metro City’s downtown. He takes care of the destruction work, relying primarily upon his great strength. He often fights against Metro City’s policemen. Recently, he got into the habit of tirelessly frequenting a new Japanese ramen restaurant.”

Next up is Dirk.

Private Nakagawa: “A close friend of Rick, who uses metal claws like him. A silent worker who came from Mexico to the U.S.”


Basic Info:

Name: Dirk
Height: 195cm
Weight: 94kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: May 11th
Country of Origin: Mexico
Likes: Omelettes (with cheese)
Dislikes: Alcohol

Private Nakagawa: “Rick maintains his beloved metal claws. Apparently, he sends all his allowances to his family. He hates alcohol, because he remembers his father caused an accident while drunk.”

We now move on to the sole female member of the Skull Cross Gang: May.

Private Nakagawa: “No one expects such a cool beauty to be a violent gang member. Her specialties are knife attacks and the Frankensteiner.”


Basic Info:

Name: May
Height: 170cm
Weight: It’s a secret
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: January 28th
Country of Origin: France
Likes: Holidays, Baths
Dislikes: Haggar

Private Nakagawa: “She ostensibly works as a dancer, but is also an assassin, specialized in knives. They say that her favorite pastime is blissfully washing away the blood of her victims during a bath. She never actually learnt wresting techniques, but uses her skills and trained muscular strength as a dancer to compensate and is somehow able to do some moves.”

Finally, we close out the Skull Cross Gang, and Final Fight 3 profiles, with Ray!

Private Nakagawa: “And finally, the last FF3 character! He loves ‘Big B. and the Bullheads.'” [The punk band in the background of Union Station. We already know that Schot is a former member. Brilliancy is the girl drummer.] “He’s a big fan of Brilliancy. (Brilliancy is in Union Station.)”



Basic Info:

Name: Ray
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: April 6th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Live Concerts
Dislikes: Annoying Landlords

Private Nakagawa: “A man who doesn’t care about the future, enjoying his present, everyday, life, along with a friend who came from the U.K. He can’t play instruments, but loves hearing music and making ruckus. He earns his daily income by working for a gang.”

And with that, we end the chapter on the Skull Cross Gang and close the book on Final Fight 3. Given her recent release, a CFN profile for Falke is likely coming soon, which should give us some more biographical information on the “Guardian Hawk.” But afterwards: what CFN profiles would you like to see next? Share your thoughts and ideas on the matter with us in the comments.

Source: CFN Portal

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