Street Fighter “You Lose” 32-gigabyte flash drive to be released by BigBoyToysHK in June [UPDATED]

By on April 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm
ryu is dead -- the flash drive

Do you want a constant, physical reminder of Ryu’s tier placement in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? Do you need to transfer files? Do you need to transfer a file about Ryu’s pitiable tier placement? If any of the aforementioned rings true (or, hell, I dunno, maybe you just like Ryu), then BigBoysToys has an amusing flash drive for you:

From the same Hong Kong based designers that brought you “The New Challenger” line of toys, the 32 gigabye “You Lose” flash drive appears to be a one-off item at the moment. But if it does well when it releases this June, don’t be surprised if all your favorite World Warriors’ K.O. poses become vehicles for your very important documents, Street Fighter-related or otherwise.

UPDATE: If you prefer to see fighters other than Ryu laid low, BigBoysToys revealed even more choices from the original cast, and their new images show that the defeated warriors are removable from the drive itself:

Source: BigBoysToys HK

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