Gain insight into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Season 3.5 changes with these developer matches

By on April 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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With the advent of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s recent round of balance changes, more than a few players may be wondering at why the game developers made some of the choices they did.

For those curious gamers, a recent post by SFVAE’s combat designer (and former player) Ryuichi “Woshige” Shigeno may shed some insight into this. In Shadaloo Combat Research Institute posting, Woshige shares a number of videos of the game’s development team playing matches.

While there’s no commentary over the matches, Woshige does provide a small write up of the changes or concepts they’re showcasing. More interestingly, the matches show a slower, more neutral-focused style than what we tend to see in Street Fighter V matches.

You can check out these matches below, or on the Shadaloo C.R.I. post.

Zeku vs. Necalli

As Necalli can now cancel his EX Valiant Rebellion and EX The Disc’s Guidance into V-Trigger, this gives him new ways to close the distance.

As Zeku can now cancel the end of certain special moves into his Shukumyo, this opens up new combo possibilities and links through free-switching between the Old and Young forms.

Ken vs. Guile

Ken’s got new combo possibilities that take advantage of his Quick Step V-Skill. For example, he can now combo Chin Buster 2nd -> Quick Step V-Skill -> H Shoryuken in the corner.

Sakura vs. Karin

Sakura can now cancel her EX Hadoken into V-Trigger. This gives her more options when she lands a hit with it.
Karin can now use her Meioken V-Skill more easily in combos, letting her build up V-Gauge even faster.

Chun-Li vs. Akuma

Chun-Li can now cancel into her V-Skill, making it easier for her to build V-Gauge.

Source: Capcom: Shadaloo Combat Research Institute

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