FrameWhisperer discusses the concepts of Korean Backdash cancels in Tekken 7

By on April 19, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Of all the advanced movement techniques in Tekken 7 to learn, Korean Backdash canceling is the most important. While Wavedash can lead to mix-ups and better forward movement, having a stronger defensive base means that much more. Normal backdash can leave you vulnerable during its recovery, which is exactly what Korean Backdash cancels circumvent.

All of this and more is discussed in this tutorial and concept video. FrameWhisperer also goes into great length on getting the inputs precise, showing it on multiple input devices so that you can see exactly what your hands should be doing.

[Our own Crow_Spaceboy also wrote this extensive guide to learning the Korean Backdash last year. – Editor]

Source: FrameWhisperer Tekken

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