Complete movelist and stats are now up on CFN for Street Fighter V newcomer Falke

By on April 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm

After reading about her moves and seeing them in action, the one question on the mind of prospective Falke players is: how do they actually pull them off? Well, now they can find out,  as Capcom has uploaded the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition newcomer’s full movelist onto the CFN Portal.

Similar to Ed, Falke’s movelist eschews traditional command inputs. Instead, most of her moves involve holding a button down and then releasing it. In addition to this, she also has some moves performed by hitting two punches or kicks at the same time.

As for the moves she gains in either of her V-Trigger state, these are “triggered” (so to speak) by hitting both heavy punch and kick while either a standing, crouching, or (in the case of V-Trigger I’s Psycho Jaeger) jumping.


Of course, the CFN Portal also now shows Falke’s official stats. Her health and stun are both listed at 950, meaning she’s a bit squishier and easier to dizzy than average – something for prospective Falke players to think about when she arrives next Tuesday, April 24.

Source: CFN Portal

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