The King of Fighters ’99 releases worldwide for Xbox One, Japan only for PlayStation 4

By on April 16, 2018 at 4:00 pm

The King of Fighters ’99 is the latest ACA NEO GEO re-release to come to modern consoles, hot on the heels of Real Bout Fatal Fury Special’s release on the Nintendo Switch. SNK’s 6th installment of the series, this fighter introduced the “Striker” assist system into its core gameplay, making it a wild and different experience from other KOF titles up until that point. You can read more about KOF ’99’s mechanics over on the SRK wiki.

Want to pick up KOF99? Well, you may be in luck — it was released for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it would seem that some PS4 fans have, bizarrely, been left out in the cold. Though¬†KOF99 can easily be purchased on Xbox’s website worldwide, it would appear the decision was made, at the time of this writing, to only release the PS4 version to Japanese audiences.

We have to suspect that KOF ’99 will find its way to the US PlayStation store at some time in the future, just like its previous entries.

Source: hamster_corp

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