The King of Fighters XIV version 3.0 roundup: Heidern Storm Bringer bug, Oswald combos, Dinosaur oki and more!

By on April 15, 2018 at 4:00 pm

It has been a few days since version 3.0 of The King of Fighters XIV has dropped, and Twitter exploded with new tech almost immediately upon its release. The patch brought us several new characters and a host of balance changes for the preexisting cast — let’s take a look and see what the FGC has uncovered since our last roundup!

Let’s start out with some basics. If you’re unsure of which new character you want to try out first, Gatoray has a decent sampler of each characters combos.

TheLastKaede shows us that Heidern’s classic “Storm Bringer” bug has made it into KOFXIV — is it safe to say this is a feature, at this point?

Maybe less intentional is Blue Mary’s “Double Rolling” bug, demonstrated here by COMBONAUTS.

Persona Entertainment shows us the fantastic combo potential of Heidern.

Apolo Loussalier gives a great breakdown for newcomer Njad, covering her normals, okizeme, and more.

APE OF THE U N I V E R S E shows off why the King of Dinosaurs hasn’t gone extinct in KOF!

And to close us out today, LostFeather413 shows off Oswald’s combo potential. I’m just going to use this opportunity to gush about how cool Queen is in combos. Thank you, SNK.

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